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Full text of "Maryville College Handbook [M Book] 1960-1961"

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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


1960 — 1961 


Maryville, Tennessee 



Katherine Eisenhart, Paul Burger, Co-Editors 
Linda Roberts, Regina Garrison, Penny Trussell, Karen 
Stanley, Mildred Slater, Ken Churchill, Joseph Quinn 


Welcome to Maryville to all new students, and to all 
returning students. We are all looking forward to a suc- 
cessful year together. 

The M Book, which is sponsored and edited by the 
Y's on campus, is a book for all students. It is the 
official way of introducing all new students to Maryville 
by explaining rules, customs, and organizations. For all 
students it is a guide to follow concerning rules. We 
have put this book out with all the students in mind. 
We hope that it will be of help to you; if so, we feel we 
are accomplishing our purpose. 

We hope that for all students at Maryville the follow- 
ing years here will be prosperous and happy ones. 

The Staff 


Welcome to the College's 142nd year! 

Maryville College's first five students began their 
classes under Dr. Isaac Anderson in October, 1819. Ex- 
cept for five years during the Civil War, students have 
enrolled here every Fall since that time. 

And so it is in 1 960. To you who come for the 
academic session of 1960-1961 (the College's 142nd 
year) , I wish to extend greeting, welcome, and good 

May this be for each of you a successful year, in 
which new opportunities are discovered, friendships are 
made and strengthened, and the great fields of know- 
ledge become increasingly familiar. 

Ralph Waldo Lloyd 


Where Chilhowee's lofty mountains 

Pierce the southern blue, 
Proudly stands our Alma Mater, 

Noble, grand, and true. 


Orange, Garnet, float forever, 

Ensign of our hill ! 
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, 

Hail to Maryville! 

As thy hilltop crowned with cedars 

Ever green appears. 
So thy memory fresh shall linger 

Through life's smiles and tears. 

Lift the chorus, wake the echoes, 

Make the welkin ring! 
Hail the queen of all the highlands, 

Loud her praises sing! 

"On Highlanders" 

(Words and Music by Charles Huffman, '49' 

On, Highlanders, down the field. 

Rolling up a high score! 
Tear into the end zone, 

Smash on through that line, 

Send a rousing cheer on high, 
And our boys wi'l shine. 

Come on and fight, fight, fight! 
Come on and fight, fight, fight! 

For dear old Maryville! 

? ? WHO'S WHO ? ? 

Student Body President 

Student Body Vice-President 

YWCA President 

YMCA President 

Ron Pearson 
_ Bill Green 

Susan Fagan 

WSCA President _. 

Charles Moffett 
— Carolyn Cass 

New Dorm House Chairman 

Pearsons 'House Chairman 

Baldwin House Chairman 

Chilhowean Editor 

Nancy jo Martin 
_ Nancy Kinsman 
Pat Williams 

Chilhowean Business Manager 

Senior Class President 

junior Class President 

Sophomore President 

Kappa Phi President 

Chi Beta President 

Beth Reichardt 
Becky Kinnamon 
Don Harward 

._ Don McFerren 
_ Don Pettinelli 
Lee Ode! I 

Alpha Sigma President 

Theta Epsilon President 

Student Volunteers President 
Pre-Ministerial President 

_ Phyllis Hembree 
Bill Owenby 

Martha Messman 
_ Donna Laubach 
Stan Stefancic 

























First Semester 

Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. New students report. 
Orientation begins. 

Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. Semester opens. 
Registration of returning students. 
Friday, 8:00 a.m. First day of classes. 
Saturday, 8:00 p.m. YMCA and YWCA 

Monday, 8 '00 p.m. Faculty reception. 
Tuesday, 8:00 a.m. Annual Convocation. 
Saturday, Founders and Homecoming 

Thursday, Thanksgiving Holiday. 
Sunday, 3:00 p.m. The "Messiah." 
Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. Christmas ho!i- 
davs begin. 

Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. Chapel. Christ- 
mas holidays end. 
First semester final examinations. 
First semester ends. 

Second Semester 

Friday, 8:00 a.m. Second semester be- 

February Meetings. 
Sunday, Easter 

Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. Spring Vacation 

Thursday, 8:00 a.m. Spring Vacation 

Monday, May Day Festival 
Comprehensive Examinations for Seniors, 
and National Cooperative Tests for 

Second semester final examinations 
Sunday, Baccalaureate Day 
Wednesday, Commencement Day 



The BELL atop Anderson Hall is a symbol of tradition 
at Maryville. All colleges have traditions, and we here 
are not lacking in ours. As you become a part of Mary- 
ville, these traditions will become a part of you which 
you will cherish. Our traditions at Maryville are tradi- 
tions of Activities, Meetings, and Fellowship. 

Your first memories will be those of LINES — reg- 
istration, Treasurer's Office, Bookstore, but the nicest 
line is the FACULTY RECEPTION LINE. This is the 
official greeting of all the faculty for all the students 
and is a must for freshmen. Don your best formal, your 
firmest handshake, your most sincere smile, and enjoy 

The first few weeks of school are very busy, but also 
very exciting and happy. We try to settle down to the 
business of studying amidst the excitement of RUSH 
WEEK. This is the time when the four societies on 
campus, Theta Epsilon and Chi Beta for the women and 
Alpha Sigma and Kappa Phi for the men, carry on com- 
petition to try to win prospective members to their 
societies. Each of the brother-sister societies have a week 
in which to do this. Such social events as fashion shows, 
teas, talent shows, band concerts, and square dances are 
held during Rush Week. Each week is climaxed with 
a show. This show is one written by the members of 
the societies and performed by them. The attire for the 
occasion is usually formal, and the girls are escorted by 
the men. After the Rush Weeks are over, the students 
then decide which societies they wish to join. This is 
a hard decision, but whichever one is chosen deserves 
your wholehearted support. 

THE STUDENT CENTER, with the Y-STORE, is the 
place to stop for a quick coke, sandwich, or icecream 
cone. Also, a game of ping-pong or bridge is sure to 
be in progress most anytime during the day. Stop in 
and enjoy the friendly atmosphere with other students. 

in all its dignity. The morning chapel service, gay 
dorm decorations, and HOMECOMING PARADE make 
this a day to remember. The lovely senior girl who 
reigns as Homecoming Queen over the football game 
will have this as one of the happiest memories of her 
college career. 

Your guess is as good as ours as to what the theme 
of this year's BARNWARMING will be. This is THE 
show of the fall semester and is held each Thanks- 
giving eve in the Alumni Gym. Sponsored by the Y's, 
every effort is made to present the best talent in this 
musical production. The court of the King and Queen 
is made up of attendants from each of the four classes, 
elected by the student body. This, too. is kept top 
secret until BARNWARMING night. 

The coming of the Christmas Season brings with it 
anticipation of the coming vacation. However, there are 
many activities which are a part of the season that are 
long remembered. The presentation of Handel's MES- 
SIAH by the Vesper Choir, the combined glee clubs, 
and all others who are interested in singing, with the 
accompaniment by the College orchestra, is very in- 
spiring, and usually starts the Christmas season officially 
at Maryville. CHRISTMAS READINGS are given by 
various members of the English faculty, on the Sunday 
night of MESSIAH. The last Sunday night before vacation 
CHRISTMAS VESPERS are held in the chapel, with all 
the choirs participating. 

WARMTH and FRIENDLINESS are two of the most 
important traditions at Maryville. The friendly "hi" 
and sincere smiles of all vou meet are a vital part of 
the whole atmosphere. Be a part of this spirit — you 
will find friends are easily made. 

Spring is officially here when college students, town 
people, and children make their way to the Amphi- 
theater in the college woods for the annual MAY DAY 
PAGEANT. Produced by the Women's Physical Edu- 
cation Department, this colorful occasion is reigned 
over by the May Day Court. The Queen is chosen from 
the Senior Class and her attendants from the other 
four classes. 

We began our traditions telling you about the first 
days on the Hill. As a climax comes COMMENCE- 
MENT with its dignified services and many mixed 
emotions. One of the lovely traditions is the DAISY 
CHAIN composed of fourteen girls from the Junior 
Class, who form the chain through which the gradua- 
tion procession passes. As seniors leave the campus 
many find that the strength, knowledge, and insight 
they have developed here is good preparation for worth- 
while service in their chosen field. 

Maryville emphasizes the building of the mind, body, 
and spirit. In her organization she develops personality 
and friendship, as students work and play together. 
In her classes and studies she emphasizes the im- 
portance of intellectual curiosity and the acquiring of 
knowledge. And in her RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 
and services spiritual growth is nurtured and one is 
inspired to loftier goals. Through each of these areas 
there is a common purpose which is a strong unifying 
factor in the campus life. It is the spiritual emphasis 
on our campus that is the impetus to the friendliness 
and desire to help that are so prevalent among our 
students. This is an introduction to the religious pro- 
gram that Maryville offers. These are some of the high- 
lights of the opportunities and vital programs that are 
planned for the students to participate in, to share, 
and to enjoy. 

TIME OUT, is the all-campus prayer meeting held 
each Thursday night at 9:30 in the Little Chapel. These 
meetings, which are led by the students, provide an 
opportunity to share in fellowship and spiritual growth. 

The LITTLE CHAPEL located in the Samuel Tyndale 
Wilson Chapel is open at all times for private and 
small-group devotions. 

Sunday is a quiet, peaceful day for the students as 
they return from Sunday School and Church. In the 
afternoon the Y's give an inspiring program and in the 
evening VESPERS provides an oppontunity for worship 
and praise as we hear a message from a speaker and 
listen to our own Vesper Choir. Sunday is the day that 
starts our week off with freshness and vigor. 

Sometime during the year, a chapel service is set 
aside for the FRED HOPE FUND. This fund was es- 
tablished as a tribute to the memory of one of Mary- 
ville's outstanding graduates, Fred Hope, who spent his 
life as a missionary in Africa. Todav this fund enables 
Maryville students to have a share in some outstanding 
foreign missionary service. This past year the fund was 
in which four members of the school participated. The 
fund is not a compulsory drive but one in which students 
have the privilege of participating as they wish. 

In the first weeks of our second semester we have 
an inspiring week of religious emphasis, FEBRUARY 
MEETING. The team of leaders, a speaker, a pianist, 
and a song leader, conduct the services morning and 
evening for a period of ten days. The strong student 
interest in these messages usually results in further 
group discussion after the regular services and in many 
private conferences with the leaders. Over the years 
students and faculty have found renewed strength and 
spiritual re-awakening in these February Meetings, which 
are one of the oldest and strongest of our Maryviile 


Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the sun's 
first rays burst over the Smokies as the Vesper Choir 
sings, "Alleluia, Christ is Risen." EASTER SUNRISE 
SERVICE on Easter morning is an inspiring and enrich- 
ing experience. 

In addition to the many groups on campus which 
give opportunity for spiritual growth there is MORN- 
ING WATCH for your own private devotions. These 
quiet moments mean much to the students who take 
advantage of them. We hope you may feel the true 
spirit of Maryville College and take part in the many 
opportunities offered for friendship and personal de- 

ARTISTS SERIES brings to the campus each year 
outstanding musical and dramatic artists. LECTURE 
SERIES gives the opportunity to hear noted scholars 
and authorities in many fields. 

Each spring, near the end of the school year, the Y's 
RETREAT to a beautiful lake in the mountains for the 
week-end. This is a time not only of spiritual fellow- 
ship, but of spiritual evaluation of the programs and 
individual growth of the year. The Retreat also gives 
an opportunity to plan a more pertinent and vital pro- 
gram for the following year. A new theme or purpose 
for the following year is selected by the cabinet. This 
year the Y's decided that our spirit, enthusiasm, and 
unity are more important than a catch-phrase. However, 
the verse "From whence cometh our help? . . ." will 
be used as a guide by all the Y members. The Y's are 
important organizations on the campus, and their spiritual 
influence is shown by the active membership and wide 
interest that is shown as the students participate in 
the programs together. 

1 1 


One of the first things we learn at college is to 
live with a large group of people instead of just the 
three or four that most of us are used to. Experience 
has taught us that the oft-quoted Golden Rule is the 
best policy to follow. Many rights and privileges are 
ours to enjoy as long as we are careful to respect the 
rights and privileges of everyone else. We're offering 
a few suggestions that we hope will make your days 
in the dorm happy ones. 

To be a good dorm student DO: 

— Limit the length of your phone calls 
— Gather up the dirt after sweeping instead of leav- 
ing it in the halls 
— Wait until after "busy" hours to wash your clothes 

in the bathrooms 
— Respect study hours 

— Be quiet in the mornings while others are still asleep 
— Do your week's ironing in the laundry room and not 

on the ironing boards on the floors 
— Clean the tubs, basins, etc., after using them 
— Remove hot irons from the ironing boards 
— Return supplies to the medicine chest 
— Be quiet and considerate of those who are trying to 

study or sleep 
— Do your share of helping, but refrain from being a 

habitual borrower 
— Keep a neat, attractive room at all times 
— Appear properly clad when in the halls, for guests 

and visitors have a way of appearing at the most 

unexpected times 
— Be a friend 
— Make your conduct in the lounges and public rooms 

such that others will feel free and welcome to 

come in at all times 


Care of Rooms 

1 . Any plans for alterations or improvements in 
your room must be approved in advance by the Head 
of your Dormitory, after consultation with the Main- 
tenance Office. 

2. Students are held responsible for the condition of 
their rooms and furniture; charges will be made for any 

3. No furniture should be altered or moved from 
rooms or lobbies without the permission of the Head 
of the Dormitory. 

4. Each student must furnish and use a mattress 

Electric Current 

1 . Since the overloading of electrical circuits is a 
dangerous fire hazard, lamps, clocks, radios, electric 
shavers, and hair dryers are the only electrical equip- 
ment which may be used in dormitory rooms. 

2. Provision is made in each dormitory for the use 
of ironing and cooking equipment at specified places. 
Such equipment must under no circumstances be used 

in any student's room. 

3. There must be no tampering with the electric 

4. The maximum current allowed to be used in a 
dormitory room under any circumstances is 150 watts 
per students. !n computing wattage, radios, clocks, 
electric shavers, and hair dryers are not counted. 

5. Only one electric cord may be attached to a sin- 
gle outlet. 

6. Dormitory supervisors are required to report im- 
mediately to the Dean of Women or Dean of Men any 
violation of the fire safety requirements stated above. 

7. Students are asked to turn out lights when leav- 
ing their rooms. 


Radios, record players, and television must not be 
played between 11 :00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. 


In case of illness, notify the Head of your Dormitory 
or the Housemother at once. 


1 . If you go to the College infirmary as a patient, 
arrangements should be made through your House- 
mother. You should take your own pajamas, towel, 
washcloth, etc. 

2. The infirmary clinic is open each week day as 

10:00—11 :00 a.m. 
4:00 — 5:00 p.m. 
1 :00— 1 :30 p.m. 
(The doctor is there on Monday, Wednesday, and 
Friday nights.) 

Emergency cases, of course, are received at any 

3. If you visit patients in the infirmary, please ob- 
serve the following visitiny hours: 

4:00 — 5:30 p.m. 
6:30—7:15 p.m. 
Permission should be obtained from the nurse be- 
fore visiting patients. 


1 . All ironing must be done in the laundry rooms 
or other specified places. The ironing boards on each 
floor of the women's dormitories are for pressing only. 

2. No ironing is to be done on Sunday except 
emergency pressing between 7:00 and 9:15 a.m. and 
6:00 and 6:30 p.m. 



1. All laundry must be done in the laundry rooms 
except in emergency cases when small amounts of 
light laundry may be done in the bathrooms. 

2. No laundering is to be done on Sunday. 

3. Each dormitory has its own regulations concern- 
ing the use of the washing machines. 

Business Agents 

Students must have permits from the Student-Help 
Office in order to solicit business in the dormitories. 


Smoking is permitted only in the smoking rooms of 
the dormitories — not elsewhere, either in the build- 
ings or on the campus. 

Emergency Drills 

Each women's dormitory will participate in emer- 
gency drills, having its own organization and regulations. 

Confiscation of Equipment 

In the women's dormitories this is handled by the 
monitors and officers of the Women's Student Govern- 
ment Association, and in the men's dormitories by the 
Head of the Dormitory as follows: 

a. Any electrical equipment being used in dormi- 
tory contrary to regulations will be confiscated. 

b. Radios in use after 1 1 :00 p.m. will be confis- 
cated and placed in the office for one month. 



1 . Possession of liquor bottles, public or private 
signs, or road markers is considered, for obvious rea- 
son, a disciplinable offense. 

2. Possession of firearms, pass-key, or key to any 
dormitory room other than one's own is forbidden. 

3. Regulations imposed by civil law are in effect 
College regulations. For example, the possession or 
use of fireworks is violation of Tennessee law and 
therefore a disciplinable offense. 


1 . Local or long distance calls may be made and 
received any time between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. 

2. Outgoing calls, except to faculty and staff, must 
be made on the pay phones. 

3. Incoming calls will be received on the office 
phone and transferred to the pay phone. 

4. Everyone should limit calls to five minutes. 




1 . Lights are to be out in the Freshman-Sophomore 
dormitories at 1 1 :00 p.m. each night. Signal will be 
flashed at a quarter until the hour for lights to be 
turned off and again at the hour for lights out. 
Light cuts for study only may be in each room twice 
per week. Special permission for necessary additional 
light cuts may be obtained from the Floor Chairman. 

2. Lights in the Junior-Senior dormitory may remain 
on any night after 1 1 :00 p.m. for study purposes only. 
The same regulations for quiet, each girl in her own 
room, are in effect at 1 1 :00 o'clock. 

3. Lights may remain on in all women's residence 
halls until 12:00 p.m. on Saturday night with the rule 
for quiet after 1 1 :00 still in effect. Permission must 
be obtained for parties after 1 1 :30 p.m. in Freshman 
and Sophomore dormitories. 


1 . Dormitories are to be kept quiet or study and 
rest, and in consideration of others, from 8:00 a.m. 
until 3:30 p.m., and from 7:15 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. 
"Closed" study hours are maintained in the Freshman 
and Sophomore dormitories from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 

2. You may study in the Library throughout the 
day and each weekday evening, except Saturday, from 
7:00 until 10:00 p.m. Women students after 7:15 
p.m. must sign out and in on their individual sign-out 
cards in the Residence Halls. 

3. Week-day nights and Sunday, students are ex- 
pected to be quiet and in their own rooms with the 
lights out by 1 1 :00 p.m. 



1 . Each student is required to serve as monitor as 
arranged by WSCA. As monitor you must be present 
on your floor, seeing that the halls are kept quiet 
during study hours and that students are in their own 
rooms. The monitor is also responsbile for checking the 
use of lights and radios at night, answering the buz- 
zer, and seeing that rules in general are obeyed. Vio- 
lations are to be reported to the -House Committee, 
which will impose penalties. 

2. Monitors will not need to be on duty on nights 
of large all-campus activities, such as Artists Series or 
formal dances. 

Summons before House Committee 

Students will be brought before the House Com- 
mittee for violation of any dormitory regulations, un- 
due disturbance, or consistent lack of cooperation. The 
House Committee has the authority to give the penal- 
ties for any such violations. On any third violation the 
student will be brought before the WSGA Coordinat- 
ing Council rather than the House Committee or she 
may be brought directly before the Coordinating Coun- 
cil when the House Committee feels it necessary. Vio- 
lations requiring such action would include offenses 
such as smoking in the dormitory and the use of hot 
Dlates, etc., in the rooms. 

1 . When to sign out 

A. No woman student shall have to sign out when 
she leaves the dormitory before dinner (6 p.m. Mon- 
day through Friday and 5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sun- 
day) except: 


1 . When she is going outside of the town night 

2. When she is not expecting to return to the 
dormitory before 7:15 p.m. 

3. When she is attending Sunday School or Church 
outside city limits of Maryville. 

B. Every woman student shall sign out whenever 
she leaves the dormitory after dinner hours listed 
above) . 

N. How to sign out 

A. For sign-out procedure for taking a town night, 
see Town Night Operating Plan. 

B. Each girl will have her own sign-out card which 
she will use each time she leaves the dormitory after 
dinner (or under conditions listed above). 

C. These cards will be filed alphabetically in a 
House File box, to be found on the sign-out table in 
each dorm. 

D. There will also be a file-box labeled "OUT" 
which will be found in the same place. 

E. When a girl plans to leave the dorm, she must 
fill in properly the necessary information on her card, 
and place the card in the "OUT' box. 

F. Upon returning to the dormitory, the girl must 
sign herself in on her card, and then leave the card 
in the "OUT" box. The sign-out checkers will refile 
the cards in their original box. 


C. When the card is filled the Housemother will 
provide a new card for the girl. 

H. Each girl is responsible for signing out each 
time she leaves the Dorm: To town, to library, to stu- 
dent center, etc. All absences will be recorded on the 
personal card. 

111. Violation of signing out 

A. Violation of town-night rules will be handled by 
the Student Council. 

B. Failure to sign out to off-campus events other 
than town-night (such as church picnics, baby-sitting, 
visits in private homes, community church activities, 
etc.), and to any place on campus will result in a 
W.S.C.A. violation and penalty. 

on-campus off-campus 

1 . failure to sign out 3 points 5 points 

2. failure to sign in 2 points 3 points 

3. *late — 1 to 5 minutes 3 points 5 points 

Each additional minute late will add one point to 
the penalty. Over five points for one late penalty will 
constitute a call before the House Committee. 

An accumulation of FIVE points will constitute a 
W.S.C.A. penalty. This will be a "Campus" (you may 
not leave the campus during the day and may not 
leave your room after dinner) . The duration of the 
campus will depend on how the points are accumulat- 
ed, etc. This will be decided by the W.S.C.A. Coordi- 
nating Council. 



Closing Hour 

10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday 
(late after that time) 

1 1 :00 p.m. Saturday 

(late after that time) 

1 0:30 p.m. Sunday 

(Students returning from home 
or other off-campus permissions 
will be late after this time) 

(Students returning from on- 
campus activities, Vespers and 
Vols, return immediately to the 
dormitory. Usual 1 5 minutes for 
dates in parlors remain the same) 


( 1 ) Evenings when activities on-campus run 
past 10:00 p.m. and the Student Center is open until 
10:45 or 11 :00 p.m. the late hour will be 1 1 :00 p.m. 

(2) Scheduled or individual activities that 
necessitate later return than the closing hour must be 
arranged by special permission with the Housemother 
or Dean of Women. 

(3) Failure to return on time arranged by 
special permission will be subject to same penalties as 


D. Each girl's violations will be recorded in a file 
which will be kept by the W.S.G.A. 

IV. Sign out checkers 

A. The sign-out checkers will be the W.S.G.A. re- 
presentatives in each of the women's dormitories, plus 
an additional girl chosen in the freshman and sopho- 
more dormtories. 

B. These checkers will be a part of the Town- 
Night Committee, and along with the Student Council 
chairman of Town Night, and the president of the 
W.S.G.A., will meet once a week to discuss violations 
and recommend penalties if necessary. 




Dormitories are expected to be quiet for study after 
7:30 each evening. 

Absence from the Dormitory 

Overnight absence should be arranged with the Head 
of the Men's Dormitory or the Housemother. It is im- 
portant that the whereabouts of students be known at 
all times, in case they should be needed for any reason. 


Men living in the dormitory may entertain their 
families in the lobby. 

Disciplinary Measures 

Disciplinary measures will be taken by the Exec- 
utive Council of the Faculty or the Proctor of the dor- 
mitory for infraction of these rules: 

1 . Abusing radio privilege by habitual loud playing 
after 1 1 :00 p.m. 

2. Creating a disturbance in dormitory. 

3. Wilful destruction of property. 

4. Violation of other dormitory regulations. 



Meals are served in the Dining Hall on the first floor 
of Pearsons Hall according to the following schedule: 

Weekdays: 7:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m. 
Saturdays: 7:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. 
Sundays: 8:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. 

Your guests may eat in the dining room by arrang- 
ing with the Dietitian. Meal prices are: 


Breakfast, 40c; Lunch, 85c; Dinner, 85c 


Breakfast, 40c; Lunch, 85c; Supper, 40c 


Breakfast, 40c; Dinner, $1.25; Supper, 40c 

All seven of your tablemates will appreciate your 
appearing well-groomed at meals, especially dinner. 
For Sunday dinner, both men and women are expected 
to wear their "Sunday best." 

Try to make conversation table-wide, but remember 
there are tables aM around you, and it is annoying to 
them to have to listen to your conversation. After all, 
loud and boisterous talking is bad manners anywhere. 
And speaking of manners, be sure to take them along 
when you go to the Dining Hall. A polite "please" or 
"thank you" isn't too heavy a burden for anyone to 

Your waitress will appreciate your thoughfulness 
in getting to and from meals on time, since she has 
classes and obligations too. 

It is customary that grace be said before every meal. 

Again our advice is to be friendly and courteous! 




1. Parlor dates may be had in the women's dormi- 
tory parlor from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. any weekday 
evening and until 1 1 :00 p.m. Saturday evening by ar- 
ranging with the Head of the Dormitory. Freshman and 
Sophomore women may have four each month and 
Junior and Senior women may have an unlimited number. 

2. Sunday dating for Freshmen and Sophomores is 
for the services only, with the exception of Easter and 
Baccalaureate Sundays, when afternoon dating is also 

3. Calling hours for men in the women's dormitories 
are as follows: 

Weekdays 1 :00 to 1 :20 p.m. 

3:30 to 5:30 p.m. 

6:30 to 7:15 p.m. 

Town Night 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. 

9:30 to 10:30 p.m. 

Sunday Afternoon 1 :00 to 1 :30 p.m. 

Saturday Afternoon 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. 

(Men may stay in the dorms after Vespers on Sun- 
day until 8:15 and after Student Vols until 9:15.) 

4. Couples may be together within the Circle Drive 
(the driveway circling the central campus) each week- 
day evening until 7:15 (7:00 on Sunday) and until 1 :20 
on Sunday afternoons. 

5. Couples who date at announced College activ- 
ities will return to the women's dormitories within 
fifteen minutes after the close of the activity; and men 
do not stay after that time. 


6. Dating in Knoxville, for women other than jun- 
iors and Seniors may be arranged occasionally by per- 
mission from the Dean of Women. Only bus transpor- 
tation is approved. 

7. Classrooms and classroom buildings are not to be 
used for dating. 


1. Social dancing each weekday (except Saturday) 
evening following supper till 7:15 is informal, held in 
the Intramural Gymnasium. 

2. Two formal, all-college dances are he'd e^rh 
year, one in the winter and one in the spring. For girls 
dress is formal: for fellows tuxedos are nice but not 
necessary — business suits are just as acceptable. Ad- 
mission tickets are regulated by the Social Committee. 
Your request for a non-student guest must be handled 
through the office of the Dean of Women. 

3. Occasional informal all-college dances have rules 
which say "No" to corsages, tuxes, and admission 
charge. Music is recorded, and the informal note is set. 

4. Dancing is permitted for small groups scheduling 
parties in the Y-rooms or other small social rooms, by 
arrangement with the Dean of Women and those re- 
sponsible for the premises involved. 

Planning All-Campus Entertainment 

1. Program must be officially authorized and sched- 
uled through the Faculty Committee on Scheduling of 
Activities (Office of Dean of Women). 


2. Student programs are subject to preview by the 
Student- Faculty Committee on Student Programs. 

Planning Parties, Picnics, and Other Social Activities 

1 . You must secure approval from the Dean of Wo- 
men's Office at least five days in advance. 

2. If the function involves transportation, it must 
be by conveyance on which personal insurance is carried 
on the passengers — this means buses, trains, or private 

3. All social activities must be held on the campus 
or at some other approved place and must be properly 

4. The "Y" Rooms are available if arrangements 
are made in advance through the "Y" Rooms Com- 
mittee of the YWCA. There is a charge of 25c for use 
of the kitchen. Each social activity there must also be 
scheduled through the Dean of Women's Office. 

Evening Activities 

Evening activities must be scheduled in advance with 
the Faculty Committee on Scheduling of Activities (Of- 
fice of Dean of Women). 


1 . Initations are not to interfere with the general 
program of the College; for example, they must not 
be such as to create disturbance in Chapel, classes, 
dining hall, or dormitory. They must not involve phys- 
ical force or hazard. 

2. Plans and procedures for initiations must be ap- 
proved in advance by the Student Organizations Com- 
mittee, in accordance with the principles stated above. 



1 . No out-of-town student may have an automo- 
bile or other motor vehicle while at Maryville College 
except by special permission given only in unusual 
cases. This permission is required whether or not park- 
ing space on the campus is desired; request must be 
made in writing through the Personnel Office before 
the car is brought. 

2. Students living in Maryville who regularly use 
cars at the College must secure permit tags each year 
from the Maintenance Office. Parking spaces will then 
be assigned to those who park regularly on the campus. 
(Faculty members also secure permits and parking as- 

3. Women students are not permitted to ride in 
automobiles wi+h younq men without permission from 
the Dean of Women. Permission should also be secured 
from the 'Housemother for other automobile riding 

(townspeople, visitors, day students, etc.). 


1. Girls wear jeans, slacks, or Bermuda shorts for 
active sports, hiking and the like; but never to dining 
hall, classes, library, chapel, administrative offices, or 
off campus to the Grill or town. The same applies to 
the wearing of athletic or Bermuda shorts by men. 

2. Men always wear shirts or jerseys, even when 
playing tennis. 



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To all freshmen women a very special greeting and 
to those who are returning a hearty "welcome back." 

Along with the thrill and excitement of being a part 
of a campus community comes also the realizotion that 
you have a responsibility to fulfill. Through the Women's 
Student Government Association, the governing body of 
the girls residing on campus, Maryville women have 
the opportunity to show themselves at their best — will- 
ing to be responsible citizens in their dorms, mature in 
their realization of the need of government, and capable 
of making policies and of carryiny them out. Therefore, 
your interest, ideas, and support will be the essential 
ingredients for a successful year in W.S.G.A. 

Since part of your responsibility as a member of 
W.S.G.A. is knowing and understanding the rules by 
which we live, I advise you to read this book and to 
keep it handy for ready reference. With each member 
guided always by her responsibility, your years at Mary- 
ville cannot help but be a valuable experience in mature 
group living. 


Carolyn Gass 
President of W.S.G.A. 



of the 

WSCA of Maryville College 


With the approval of the Executive Council of the 
Faculty and the President of the College and upon the 
vote of the women students residing in the dorm- 
itories of the College, WSCA has been formed and the 
following Constitution has been adopted for its guid- 
ance. This grant of authority by the Executive Council 
is conditional to its acceptance and enforcement by 
the students. 

The purpose of the organization shall be to provide 
a medium for self-government for the women of the 
College in the various dormitories, within the limits of 
this constitution and the regulations of this College, 
with a view to stimulating and maintaining standards 
of Christian living at the College, and by encouraging 
student participation in the adminisration of dormitory 

Article I — Name 

Section I. General: The name of this organization 
shall be the Women's Student Government Assoiation 
of Maryville College. 

Section II. In the individual dormitories: The Bran- 
ches of the organization in the dormitories shall be 
known by the name of the dormitory. 

Article II — Membership 

All women students of Maryville College living in 
the dormitories shall be members of the Women's 


Student Government Association of Maryville College 
and are eligible to vote. 

Article Mil>— Organization 

Section 1 — President: 

a. A President of WSCA shall be elected near the 
close of the spring semester to serve the following 
year. She shall be a member of the incoming Senior 
class. If a vacancy occurs in the office it shall be 
filled by a special election conducted as specified in 
paragraph "b." In the meantime the office shall be 
filled by the Senior dormitory Chairman. 

b. Two nominations for President shall be sub- 
mitted by a nominating committee composed of one 
resident of each underclass dormitory and two re- 
sidents of the upperclass dormitory appointed by their 
respective House Chairmen. These nominations shall 
be presented at a general meeting of the WSCA at 
least one week before the date of the WSCA election. 
Additional nominations may be made from the floor 
and the nominations shall then be reduced to two by 
vote. The President of the WSCA shall request that 
the Elections Committee of Student Council conduct 
the election. 

Section II. House Committee: 

a. In each dormitory there shall be a House Chair- 
man, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary-Treasurer (or if 
necessary, a Secretary and a Treasurer) , a Fire-Captain, 
an Assistant Fire Captain, a Floor Chairman from each 
floor, and any other members that the House Chairman 
deems necessary. 

b. The House Chairman shall be elected at the 
same time as the WSCA President to serve during the 
following college year. She shall be a member of the 
incoming or continuing class of highest classification 
regularly residing in the dormitory. All residents of 


that building, and of other buildings, who are of such 
classification that they normally will reside the fol- 
lowing year in the building electing the officers shall 
be eligible to vote. In each dormitory any vacancy in 
the Chairmanship shall be filled by special election. 

c. The Vice-Chairman and the Secretary-Treasur- 
er (or Secretary and Treasurer) shall serve one semes- 
ter. Those to serve during the fall semester shall be 
elected by each dormitory in the spring after the election 
of the House Chairman. Those to serve during the spring 
semester shall be elected near the close of the fall 

d. The Floor Chairman shall serve one semester. 
Those to serve during the fall semester shall be elect- 
ed at the end of the spring semester by those planning 
to room on a floor in the Freshman and Sophomore 
dormitories. If there are no Sophomores planning to 
room on a given floor, the election shall be held at the 
opening of the fall semester. The elections in the Jun- 
ior and Senior dormitories shall be held after the open- 
ing of college in the fall. Those to serve during the 
soring semester shall be elected near the end of the 
fall semester. 

e. The Fire Captain each semester shall be the 
person who was Assistant Fire Captain the previous 
semester. The Assistant Fire Captain shall be elected 
at the beginning of each semester. The House Chair- 
man shall designate a person to fill a vacancy. 

f. In each dormitory, two nominations for each 
office shall be posted at least one week before the 
date of elections by a nominating committee appointed 
by the House Chairman. The election of all general 
House Officers except the House Chairman shall take 
place in a general meeting of the dormitory. In that 
meeting additional nominations may be made from the 
floor for all offices. The nominations for House Chair- 
man shall be reduced to two names in the meeting. 


The President of WSGA shall request that the Elections 
Committee of the Student Council conduct the election 
of House Chairman simultaneously with the election of 
WSGA President. 

Section III. Coordinating Council: 

a. There shall be a Coordinating Council composed 
of the President of WSCA, the chairman of each 
women's residence hall, two Freshmen women, one 
Junior from the new dormitory and one Sophomore 
from Pearsons. The Freshman, Sophomore, and junior 
representatives shall be elected at the beginning of 
the fall semester by their respective classes in their 
respective residence halls at a meeting presided over 
by the President of WSGA. 

b. Membership on the Coordinating Council shall be 
for the current college year. 

c. The President of WSCA shall be chairman of the 
Coordinating Council and shall preside at all meetings. 

d. The Coordinating Council shall elect its own Sec- 

Article IV — House Dues 

Section I. House dues in the amounts to be agreed 
upon by residents of the house at the beginning of 
each semester shall be collected by the House Com- 
mittee for operating expenses. 

Section II. Ten cents per woman resident shall be 
paid from the house dues of each dormitory to the Co- 
ordinating Council for operating expenses. 

Section III. No women residents will receive their 
check-out slips at the end of the semester until their 
house dues are paid. 

Article V — Coordinating Council 

Section 1. Duties of President and Coordinating 

a. The duties of the President of WSGA shall be: 


1. To preside over all meetings of WSCA; 

2. To coordinate the policies of WSCA with the 

3. To serve ex-officio as a member of Student 
Council; and 

4. To meet with the Dean of Women for coopera- 
tive planning under such arrangements as seem feasible 
to both. 

b. The duties of the Coordinating Council shall be: 

1. To advise the House Chairmen and house com- 
mittees in any dormitory problems; 

2. To exercise general jurisdiction over matters 
of discipline; 

3. To coordinate the activities in the women's 

4. To review dormitory rules and the WSCA Con- 
stitution and recommend any necessary changes; and 

5. To withdraw any or all privileges of a stu- 
dent Who does not live up to general standards or 
principles or whose conduct is unseemly. 

Section II. Duties of the House Officers and House 

a. There shall be a regular House Meeting for co- 
operative planning one designated night the first week 
after the opening of the semester and at least once 
each month thereafter. There shall be meetings of the 
House Committee at the discretion of the House Chair- 

b. The duties of the House Committee shall be: 

1. To assume general responsibility for the pro- 
per management of the dormitory at all times; 

2. To enforce dormitory regulations as to study 


hours, light cuts, and other matters; 

3. To recommend or decide penalties for the in- 
fraction of dormitory rules; 

4. To arrange the schedule of monitors and other 

5. To cooperate with the Head of the Dormitory 
and other faculty representatives; 

6. To participate in establishing rules as herein- 
after provided; and 

7. To perform such other duties as may appear 
to be its responsibility. 

c. The House Chairman shall make it her special re- 
sponsibility to: 

1 . Discuss with the Head of the Dormitory mat- 
ters under consideration at the House Committee meet- 

2. Preside at House Meetings and House Com- 
mittee meetings; and 

3. Appoint such committees as she may deem 
necessary for the organization of the dormitory. 

d. The duties of Secretary-Treasurer shall be: 

1 . To take the minutes of each general house 
meeting and each house committee meeting; 

2. To take care of all financial matters of the 
dormitory; and 

3. To report the minutes and financial state- 
ments when requested to do so by the House Chair- 

e. The duties of the Fire Captain shall be: 

1. To organize her dormitory for fire drill; 

2. To conduct a fire drill once each month in 
which members of the dormitory shall participate; and 

3. To train the Assistant Fire Captain. 


Article VI — Establishing Rules 

Section I. The making of the rules of the College 
and of the dormitories is delegated by the Directors 
of the College to the Executive Council of the Faculty. 
However, through approval of this Constitution and 
other action the Executive Council at present grants to 
student organizations certain participation in deter- 
mining what rules shall be. 

Section II. The rules governing women's dormitory 
life shall be reviewed at least once a year, preferably 
near the close of the fall semester, by the House Com- 
mittee in each women's dormitory and by the Coordi- 
nating Committee, and the recommendations submitted 
to the Executive Council through the Dean of Women. 
One or more of the House Committee Chairmen may 
go to the Executive Council meeting with the Dean of 
Women to assist in the presentation. Other House rules 
not in conflict with the rules established by the fac- 
ulty may be made from time to time by each House 

Section III. Arrangements for permissions not covered 
by these regulations may be requested of the Dean of 
Women and granted in special instances at her dis- 

Article VII — Junior and Senior Privileges 

Section I. The plan is that Junior and Senior women 
shall have several privileges not possessed by under- 
classwomen. Tne purpose is to give students, upon at- 
taining the classification of Junior or Senior, open re- 
cognition of rank. 

Section II. The provisions are as follows: 

a. Each Senior woman may have town nights on 


any week night, Monday through Saturday, with the 
same rules in effect as stated in the Student Council 
Town Night Agreement. 

b. Each Junior woman may have two town nights 
on any week night, Monday through Saturday, with the 
same rules in effect as stated in the Student Council 
Town Night Agreement. 

c. Junior and Senior women may date in Knoxville 
on one town night each week and return to the dor- 
mitory not later than 1 1 :00 p.m. Croups of two or 
more women may have the same privilege. Only bus 
transportation is approved. 

d. Junior and Senior women shall have the privilege 
of dating on Sunday afternoon after dinner until the 
supper hour They shall be allowed to date on campus, 
walk in residential sections of the city, and sign up 
for parlor dates. Croups of couples may walk in the 
College Woods or around the seven-mile loop. 

Section III. It shall be the duty of the Coordinating 
Council of WSCA to impose penalties for infraction 
of the Sunday afternoon dating privileges. 

Section IV. It shall be the duty of the Town Night 
Committee of Student Council to impose penalties for 
infraction of Junior-Senior Town Night privileges. 

Section V. The Dean of Women will take respon- 
sibility for violations of special permission which she 
has granted. 

Section VI. Responsibilities 

It shall be the duty of: 

a. Junior and Senior women to report to the Co- 
ordinating Council of WSCA all Freshman and Sopho- 
more women taking Junior and Senior Sunday afternoon 
dating privileges. 


b. Junior and Senior women to report to the Town 
Night Committee of Student Council all Freshman 
women taking more than one town night a week and 
all Sophomore women taking more than two town 
nights a week. 

c. Senior and lunior women to report to the Town 
Night Committee of Student Council any Freshman or 
Sophomore women who date in Knoxville. 

Article VIII — Penalties 

Section 1. In ordinary cases penalties for infraction 
of dormitory regulations shall be decided and admin- 
istered by the House Committee; but the Committee 
may at its discretion refer cases to the Coordinating 
Council for advice or recommendation; the Coordinat- 
ing Council may refer the case back to the House 
Committee or to the Dean of Women for faculty con- 

Section II. Penalties imposed by the House Com- 
mittee shall be in the form of withdrawal of privi- 
leges, but other penalties may be recommended by the 
House Committee to the Dean of Women for faculty 

Article IX — Amendments 

Amendments to this Constitution may be made when 
approved bv two-thirds vote of the women in each 
dormitory and by the Executive Council of the Facult/ 
and President of the College. Proposed amendments 
shall be posted in each women's dormitory at least one 
week before a vote is taken. 

Approved by the Executive Council of Faculty, Octo- 
ber 18, 1956. Adopted by dormitory women, March 
7, 1957. 


Honor Dormitory Plan 

The honor dormitory has been organized by women 
who desire the opportunity of living under self-govern- 
ment. As members of such an honor system, we realize 
keenly the responsibility and believe this to be a mature 
and growning process for each individual. 

A. The following Honor Code is signed by each resident 
of the honor dorm: 

"'» . do promise and am on 

my honor to abide by all the rules and procedures 
pertaining to the Dormitory Honor Code. I do also 
promise to take the extra responsibility that this 
code places upon me." 

B. Honor Dormitory Procedures and Policies 

1 . Curfew Rules 

a. Signing in and out will be according to the 

regular system. 

b. If a girl is late, the number of minutes must 
be recorded on her late minute card when she 
comes in. Ten late minutes per semester are 
allowed for each resident. The exact time of 
return should be entered on the sign- in card. 

2. Girls will maintain reasonable quiet so as not to 
disturb others at all times, especially in 

a. halls, 

b. rooms, 

c. laundry, 

d. bathrooms, 

e. smoking room. 

3. Study lounges should be completely quiet. 

4. On Sundays light emergency pressing for im- 
mediate use may be done. Washing on Sunday is 
limited to hose and emergency underwear items. 

5. At all times the halls must be kept clear of 


a. clothes racks, 

b. sweaters on floors, 

c. trash boxes, 

d. coke bottles. 

6. The smoking room will be open after 1 1 :00 as 
long as there are at least two persons using it. 
This is for safety purposes. 

7. Each girl is responsible for her conduct and that 
of her guest or guests while in the parlors or 

8. Each girl is on her honor (1) to follow all rules 
and procedures as established by the Honor 
Dormitory Council and to report herself if the 
preceeding code is violated. This is done by each 
resident by recording her penalty points on the 
late minute card. When a quota of five are ac- 
cumulated she is requested to report to the 
house chairman; (2) to report any other resident 
who does not report herself one day after warn- 

9. All violations of this code will be handled by 
the HDC and may bv brought to WSGA if neces- 

10. The HDC reserves the right to refuse or with- 
draw dormitory residency to any girl who 

a. habitually fails to sign in and out, 

b. smokes in her room, 

c. habitually fails to cooperate with the Honor 
Code in any way. 

Honor Dorm Council 

This Council will have authority and responsibility 
under WSGA to carry out the policies and procedures 
of this agreement. 

The Council is composed this year of the follow- 
ing members of the New Dorm: ll> House Chair- 
man, (2) Vice House Chairman, (3) Secretary- 
Treasurer, (4) two representatives from each floor, 
(5) Honor Council Committee, (6 Pesident of 




We, the resident men of Maryville College, aware 
of the need for a form of organization to unify, to reg- 
ulate, and to improve the situation in the men's dor- 
mitories, do hereby establish this Constitution. 

Article I— Name 

The name of the organization shall be Men's Stu- 
dent Cooperative. 

Article III — Purpose 

The purpose of this organization shall be to unify 
the men living in the dormitories and to promote good- 
will and responsibility within the group. The organ- 
ization shall align itself with the general policies of 
the College, and shall attempt to make dormitory life 
more conducive to the welfare of each of its members. 
This organization shall seek to cooperate with the 
Proctor and Housemother and shall endeavor to keep 
both well-informed of its activities. 

Article III — Membership 

All men student living on the campus of Maryville 
College shall be members of the Men's Student Co- 

Artice IV — General Organization 

Section 1. Administrative and legislative authority 
shall be vested in a Cooperative Council Which shall 
consist of fifteen (15) representatives This repre- 
sentative Council shall assume authority to govern in 
matters concerning the interests of men dormitory stu- 
dents within the limits established by this Constitution, 
the laws and regulations of the College, and the Execu- 
tive Council of the Faculty. 


Section 2. Object 

a. To furnish a responsible group which shall re- 
present accurately the best interests of all men living 
on campus. 

b. To serve as a body by which proposals arising 
from the men shall be considered, developed, and, if 
deemed necessary, presented to the Student Council 
or to the proper authorities of the College. 

c. To cooperate with the College in the general 
oversight of dormitory life and to encourage the type 
of dormitory life desired by a large majority of the men. 

Section 3. Membership and Organization: 

a. The Cooperative Council shall consist of fifteen 
(15) members, who shall be elected as follows: 

1 . Election of men to serve on the Cooperative 
Council shall be conducted during the second week of 
the Fall Semester. 

2. Representatives shall be chosen in this man- 
ner: twelve (12) men shall represent Carnegie Hall; 
there shall be two (2) representatives from the ground 
floor of Carnegie Hall; one (1) representative from the 
first floor; the second, third, and fourth floors shall each 
elect three (3) representatives; Memorial Hall shall 
have three (3) men on Cooperative Council, one per 

3. On the floors where the majority of resi- 
dents are Freshmen, at least one ( 1 I Freshman shall 
be included among the specified number of floor re- 
presentatives. Each floor representative shall be chosen 
by the residents of that floor of which he is a pemanent 

4. The fifteen (15) representatives shall choose, 
not later than the third week of the Fall Semester, 
a Chairman and a Secretary-Treasurer from their own 

5. The Chairman shall convene the Cooperative 
Council when necessary, but at least once a month. 

a. Committees shall be appointed by the Chair- 


man, subject, however, to the approval of the Co- 
operative Council. 

b. The Chairman shall be responsible, as 
shall be the Cooperative Council, for coordinating the 
activities and programs of the Men's Student Coopera- 
tive with other organizations on campus and also with 
the administration of Maryville College. 

6. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of 
all meetings and shall be responsible for the handling 
of the finances of this organization. 

7. By-Laws shall be proposed by the Cooperative 
Council and then referred to the Dean of the College 
for familiarization. Before becoming effective By-Laws 
must be approved by a three-fifths (3|5) vote of men 
of the Student Cooperative. All By-Laws shall be in 
conformity with the Constitution and with the spirit 
and regulations of the College. Each year the By-Laws 
shall be put before the men for a vote of approval not 
later than the fourth week of the Fall Semester. Three- 
fifths (3j5) vote of all dormitory men is necessary 
for approval. 

Section 4. Duties: 

a. The Men's Student Cooperative Council shall 
meet at regular intervals as it may decide, but at least 
once a month from September to May. Special meet- 
ings may be held at the call of the Chairman. A quorum 
shall consist of nine (9) members of the Cooperative 

b. The Cooperative Council shall report concern- 
ing its programs and activities to the resident men at 
each regular meeting (twice a semester) of the Men's 
Student Cooperative. 

c. The Cooperative Council shall seek to maintain 
a close contact with those whom they reoresent and 
shall strive to make the purpose of Men's Student Co- 
ooerative identical with the stated purpose as found in 
Article II. 


Article V — Amendments 

Section 1 . This Constitution shall be amended as 

a. Each proposed amendment shall be approved 
by a two-thirds (2[3) vote of the Cooperative Council. 
Then the proposed amendment shall be presented to 
the Student Council and to the Executive Council of 
the Faculty for approval. 

b. The amendment, if approved by the Student 
Council and the Executive Council, shall be published 
in The Highland Echo one week prior to the date set 
for presenting it to the Men's Student Cooperative, to- 
gether with a notice of the time and place of the meet- 

c. If passed by a three-fifths (3(5) vote of the 
Men's Student Cooperative, the amendment shall be- 
come effective. 

d. Amendments to this constitution shall be, 
wherever practical, made by means of revising affected 
portions of the existing constitution. 

Article VI — Ratification 

Section 1 . This Constitution shall become effecti\-e 
when approved by the Student Council, by the Execu- 
tive Council of the Faculty, and by the resident men of 
Maryville College. Approval by the resident men shall 
be by a three-fifths (3(5) vote of all men residents. 

Article VII — Initiative 

Section 1 . The members of the Men's Student Co- 
operative reserve to themselves power by petition to 
propose amendments and bv-laws to this Constitution 
and directly to enact or reject such amendments and 
By-Laws at the polls. This reserved power shall be 
known as the initiative. Any amendments and By-Laws 
proposed in this manner shall be subject to the ap- 
proval of the Executive Council of the Faculty. 



By-Law 1 

The Men's Student Cooperative by a three-fifths 
(3)5) vote of the members may rescind any action of 
the Cooperative Council. 

By-Law 2 

The manner of voting in Men's Student Cooperative 
meetings shall be 

a. By a majority vote in elections 

b. By a three-fifths (3j5) vote in decisions not- 
otherwise stated 

c. By secret ballot. 

By-Law 3 

A quorum shall consist of no fewer than fifty (50) 
members (other than members of the Cooperative 
Council) provided the time, place, and purpose of the 
meeting shall have been previously announced as stated 
in Article V, Section c. 

By-Law 4 

The term of the Cooperative Council shall be from 
the third week of the Fall Semester until such time 
as a new Council has been elected and installed. 

By-Law 5 

All officers of Cooperative Council shall be residents 
of Carnegie andjor Memorial Halls. 



While Maryville College puts its major emphasis 
naturally enough, on scholastic standing, you'll want 
to be active in a few extra-curricular fields too. We 
warn you — you'll be tempted to join all the fascinat- 
ing clubs and organizations the campus boasts. But 
book learning comes first; better still, find a happy 
balance between grades and activities. You'll find 
enough of both to satisfy you; and while our hospital 
is cool and comfortable, it isn't run as a rest home for 
exhausted activity hounds. 

We hope you'll find activities that will make the 
most of your time and interests. Efforts and enthusiasm 
wear better and are more appreciated when they are 
concentrated. If you budget your time wisely, you'll 
have not only good grades but also an important place 
in campus life. 

Alph Gamma Sigma 

Alpha Gamma Sigma was organized in the spring 
of 1934, for the purpose of motivating high scholar- 
ship among students. Its requirements are similar to 
those of Phi Beta Kappa. Ten percent of the gradu- 
ating class may be admitted provided the members 
have a grade point ratio of 3.33, better than a B 

Alpha Gamma Sigma awards a scholarship at the be- 
ginning of the junior year to the student who achieved 
the highest scholastic average over the first two years. 

Pi Gamma Mu 

The Epsilon Chapter of Tennessee of the National 
Social Science Honor Fraternity, Pi Gamma Mu, re- 
ceived its charter in April, 1957, with five faculty 
and eleven student members. Its purpose is to re- 
cognize the distinctive attainments in the field of social 
science of outstanding juniors and seniors. Further, the 


organization seeks to encourage interest in and discussion 
of important issues in social science. 

Pi Kappa Delta 

Maryville has the distinction of having the Ten- 
nessee Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national 
honorary forensic fraternity. Debators of sophomore 
classification or above who have fulfilled certain quali- 
fications are eligible to be elected into its membership. 
Members of this organization are awarded orders and 
degrees according to rank and achievement. Maryville 
participates in the Pi Kappa Delta National and Pro- 
vincial Conventions. 

Theta Alpha Phi 

Talented dramatic students may upon meeting cer- 
tain requirements for membership, be initiated into 
the Tennessee Delta Chapter of the national dramatic 
fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi. Members of this organi- 
zation take a leading part in dramatic activities on the 
campus; however, opportunity is given to all students 
to try out for the various plays given throughout the 

Sigma Delta Psi 

Maryville's chapter of Sigma Delta Psi was estab- 
lished in 1930. Membership is earned by meeting the 
requirements of various athletic tests in the presence 
of a responsible committee. 

Tau Kappa Chi 

This is an honorary musical organization for students 
who are studying applied music or are members of 
musical organizations. Its purpose is to promote stu- 
dent and community interest in music. The aims are 
to raise the general academic standing of those en- 


rolled in music; to provide a goal for student in- 
terested in music; to promote thoroughly trained musi- 
cianship; and to further the understanding of all types 
of music. A general average of "B" for two successive 
semesters and nomination by the music faculty for 
excellence in musical performance are required for 


Chi Beta 

Varied activities and friendships highlight the pro- 
gram of Chi Beta Society. Soon after school starts this 
year, Chi Beta will join her brother society, Kappa Phi, 
to present a Rush Week program. Weekly meetings 
through the year are held in Chi Beta Hall. 

Theta Epsilon 

Organized in 1894, Theta Epsilon Society has play- 
ed an active part in campus life. The beginning weeks 
of school this year will find Theta and her brother 
society, Alpha Sigma, presenting their Rush Week. 
Meetings are held each week in Theta Hall. 

Alpha Sigma 

Alpha Sigma, founded in 1 884, offers men of the 
College an opportunity to participate in activities that 
will build true friendships. It enters teams in all in- 
tramural sports and holds an annual weekend trip to 
the mountains, barbecue, banquet, and similar activi- 
ties. It joins with its sister society, Theta Epsilon, in 
producing a dance and a Rush Week program. 

Kappa Phi 

Kappa Phi, the society of friendship, is the oldest 
society on campus and holds meetings each week in its 


society house. Its men enter various teams in intra- 
murals, and hold an annual spaghetti dinner. Kappa 
Phi joins Chi Beta, its sister society, in joint meetings, 
Rush Week programs, and sponsors one formal dance 
each year. 


Student- Volunteers 

Student Vols is a fellowship of students who wish to 
establish and further a significant concern in the mis- 
sionary enterprise. It is composed not only of students 
who are planning to go to the field, but also of those 
who are in any way interested in the mission of Christ's 
church. The weekly programs (Sunday night after Ves- 
pers, usually in Bartlett Hall) present informative and 
challenging aspects of the work being done on both the 
foreign and the home mission fields. Regular prayer- 
fellowship and study groups, a special missionary out- 
reach project, and socials also have a vital part in the 
total Vol's program. 

Christian Education Club 

The Christian Education Club was formed for the pur- 
pose of giving an opportunity to prospective Directors 
of Christian Education and church workers to become 
familiar with various skills needed in the field. This is 
done through a program of lectures and laboratory 
periods. The club is open to all those inteested. 

Parish Project 

Maryville College students render valuable service in 
the Faith Cooperative Parish, made up of small churches, 
schools, and mission points in the area surrounding 
Maryville. College students are needed in the program 
to serve as Sunday School teachers and as youth workers. 
More are needed to preach on Sundays and to teach 


during the week. Students are given a half-hour credit 
for this work, and they attend weekly conferences for 
guidance in their program. 

Pre-Ministerial Association 

The Pre-Ministerial Association, organized in 1900, 
is open to all students who are planning to become 
ministers or who are interested in other phases of Christ- 
ian service. In addition to its regular meetings twice a 
month the Association shares in planning with the other 
religious organizations, YM, YW, and Student Vols, the 
campus prayer meetings and other campus religious 
programs. Its members are encouraged to engage in 
some form of service to local missions and rural churches 
in the vicinity of Maryville. 


International Relations Club 

Maryville's I.R.C. is affiliated with the Association 
of International Relations Clubs. Its purpose is to stimu- 
late an awareness of current international affairs. Stu- 
dent-led programs include movies, speakers and discus- 
sions on such pertinent topics as Indo-China, Israel, 
and South Africa. 

Pre-Medical Club 

To anyone who is planning to go into, or who is in- 
terested in medicine and all related fields such as den- 
tistry, nursing, technology, and psychiatry, the Pre-Med 
Club offers excellent opportunity for trips and for lec- 
tures from various prominent members of those profes- 
sions. The club meets twice a month throughout the 
year, and interest is the only prerequisite to member- 


French Club 

The French Club is composed of thirty members who 
are taking French and who qualify for membership by 
scholarship and interest. This club features semi-monthly 
programs of French songs, games, movies, and plays, 
and holds occasional socials. 

Cerman Club 

All college students who are interested in Cerman 
cultute, regardless of whether or not they are Cerman 
students, are elegible for membership in the Cerman 
Club. Regular meetings are held twice a month to 
stimulate interest and participation in different phases 
of German culture. 

Spanish Club 

The limited active membership of thirty, plus all 
native Spanish-speaking students on the campus are 
elected from applicants who are interested in the 
activities of the Spanish Club. Besides the semi-monthly 
evening meetings, at which are presented programs of 
Language, customs, culture, music, dance, and use of 
audi-visual equipment in the language laboratory, there 
are an outdoor picnic and a Christmas party featuring 
the Spanish pinata. All freshmen are invited to visit 
the club when they arrive on the campus. 

Women's "M" Club 

This is the girl's Athletic club of Maryville College. 
Membership is attained by making a total of 400 or 
more points through participation in what is known as 
Women's Athletic Associaaion. In addition to activities 
two hours a week the members meet monthly for 
business discussions and enjoy an athletic activity to- 
gether. The high spot of the club's activities is the 
weekend hike in the Smoky Mountains once each 


Men's "M" Club 

The Men's "M" Club is open to all varsity letter- 
men and male members of the coaching faculty. The 
purpose of the organization is to further the bonds of 
athletic brotherhood on the Maryville campus, to be 
of service to the school and the athletic program, and 
to increase loyalty to the best interests of the College. 

Writer's Workshop 

Literary interest and achievement are the basis for 
membership in Writer's Workshop. Members are elect- 
ed from the junior and senior classes and faculty. Each 
member writes and presents to the group two papers 
each year for criticism and in turn serves as literay 

Student National Education Association 

Jasper Converse Barnes Chapter of the Student 
National Education Association was organized in the 
spring of 1949. All students planning to teach are 
eligible for membership in this club, which is affiliated 
with the National Education Association. 

B. C. 

This is a small club of eight campus girls who keep 
the meaning of their initials a secret. At the end of 
each year two freshmen and one sophomore are elect- 
ed members. Originally organized for hiking, the club 
today is purely social. 

Music Education Club 

The Music Education Club is affiliated with the 
Music Educators National Conference as Student Mem- 
bers Chapter 383. Membership is open to all students 


interested in teaching music. Meetings are held the 
first and third Thursdays of each month. 


If you have any musical ability whatsoever, be it 
singing, blowing a tuba, or playing a violin, there's 
ample opportunity at Maryville to develop those tal- 
ents. The musical program gets in full swing with the 
performance of the marching band at the football games 
and ends with choir's final anthem on graduation day. 
Recitals which anyone may attend are given from time 
to time by music students and faculty. 

Vesper Choir 

The Vesper Choir provides good training and gen- 
uine pleasure for those who are interested in singing. 
It is composed of about sixty members who must pass 
rigid tryouts before they are accepted. The group par- 
ticipates in the weekly vesper services and the daily 
chapel programs, and presents special programs in Mary- 
ville and surrounding cities. The Choir has sung in 
many cities of the East, Midwest, and South. 

All-Girl Choir 

The sixty girls who compose this group are select- 
ed by tryouts each semester. They replace the Vesper 
Choir at the Sunday evening service a number of times 
a year. In the fall the Girl's Choir combines with the 
Men's Glee Clug to present a sacred concert, and in 
the spring the combined groups present a program of 
secular music. 

Men's Glee Club 

This group consists of about forty men, but ad- 
ditional members may be admitted by tryouts each 


semester. The sacred concert in the fall and a secular 
program in the spring are the highlights of the year's 
activities for the Glee Club. 


The students who enjoy playing a musical instru- 
ment are urged to try out for the College marching 
band. The band, numbering about fifty pieces, plays 
for all the home football games and takes occasional 
out-of-town trips with the team. For freshmen and 
sophomores the marching practice takes the place of 
the physical education requirement When football sea- 
son is over, the marching band reorganizes as a con- 
cert band, which gives an outdoor concert during the 
last few davs before Commencement. Don't take the 
chance of not having an instrument for tryouts; bring 
it along with you this fall. 

As befits true "'Highlanders," the band is uniformed 
in authentically styled kilts of imported Scotch wool. 

They make a striking appearance on parade and are 
the pride of the campus. 


Orchestra members are admitted and placed by try- 
outs each fall. They gain valuable experience in pre- 
senting two concerts of classical numbers annually and 
accompanying "Messiah." Their spring concert features 
an outstanding music student playing a well-known 

String Ensemble 

The String Ensemble is open to all string players in 
the orchestra. Various programs are given thoughout 
the year, both on and off campus. 




The Maryville College Playhouse has at its disposal 
one of the finest and best equipped theatres in this 
part of the country. Playhouse presents three major 
productions each year. Last year the plays were Thorton 
Wilder's The Matchmaker, Ibsen's A Doll's House, and 
The Lark by Jean Anouilh. 

Playhouse originated in the fall of 1949 and is open 
to all those who are interested in acting or in any 
of the technical aspects of production. Under a point 
system, apprentices work for the positions of Journey- 
men, Player, and Master Player. 


Of all our teams, we are probably most proud of 
our Debate Team. They are consistent winners through 
the years. Debating is an excellent extracurricular ac- 
tivity and is a great aid to the development of poise 
and self-confidence. It is especially valuable for those 
planning to enter the ministry or law professions. Debate 
is open to anyone who is interested and is operated on 
a class basis, college credit being given at the end of 
the second semester. Debaters compete in local, regional, 
and national tournaments. Those who reach the top 
ranks may be elected into the national honor society 
for debaters, Pi Kappa Delta. This year's team is coach- 
ed by Dr. Arda S. Walker. 



For those who are interested in writing or in working 
on the staff of publications there are many varied op- 
portunities here at Maryville. Through serving on these 
staffs valuable experience is gained. 

Highland Echo 
The Highland Echo is the college newspaper, usually 
published bi-weekly. Freshmen and other new students 
are welcomed and are urged to try out for the staff 
positions if they are interested. At the end of each 
college year staff promotions are made on the basis of 
writing, interest, and dependability. The Echo constitu- 
tion limits the number of staff members from each 
college class. The editor is elected by the staff, and 
is usually a senior. Chief purpose and policy of the 
Echo is to present campus news as interestingly and as 
thoroughly as possible. The Echo also seeks to acquaint 
students with national and international problems of 
particular interest to them, thus helping our student 
body to identify with the total student generation. 

The Chilhowean is the annual yearbook, published 
under the supervision of the junior class. All organiza- 
tions, events, and activities of the year are viewed in 
picture and word. There are also individual pictures 
of almost all of the student body. 

Alumni Bulletin 
The Alumni Bulletin sends news of the College and 
alumni to former students of the College. It is published 
monthly by the Alumni Office. 

M Book 

As you have already discovered, the M Book is the 
little volume you are now reading. It is published every 
year by the YMCA and YWCA and is the official 
College handbook. College rules, customs, and activi- 
ties are described within for the student's benefit. 



All men are encouraged to participate in the in- 
tramural program under the direction of coach Lynn 
Sexton. The prgram consists of the major sports — touch 
football, basketball, softball, as well as all phases of 
minor sport activity, such as swimming, wrestling, 
tennis, golf, ping-pong, badminton, and volleyball. 

The men participating are striving also for individual 
honors in the monogram "M" given for point ac- 
cumulation for actual participation, officiating, or manag- 
ing a team in competition. Team honors are also dis- 
tributed in each sport. 

In the spring semester, the Y.M.C.A. awards the 
sportsmanship trophy to the senior showing the best 
character in competition during that year. 

All classes actively engage in this program and com- 
petition is keen. This program offers a wholesome op- 
portunity for the student in the recreational phase of 
his college life. 


Marvville College has a well-rounded sports program 
suited to all men interested in playing intercollegiate 
athletics. The SCOTS participate in baseball, football, 
and basketball as well as track, tennis, and wrestling. 

Varsity sports are under the direction of Coach Boyd- 
son Baird, assisted by Coaches John Davis, Howard 
Tomlinson, and Lynn Sexton. The SCOTS take on col- 
leges of similar size in football and basketball and 
universities and larger colleges in baseball and the 
minor sports. 

Last year the basketball team, led by a Little Ail- 
American center, more than held its own against strong 
competition. The wrestling squad played host to the 
S. E. C. Wrestling Tournament and turned in an ap- 
preciable third behind Auburn and Chattanooga. 

There are opportunities for, all men to compete in 
these sports, as M.C. does not buy her athletes. Sup- 
port or try out for the team of your choice. 







16 Howard College 


24 Morehead State College 


1 Centre College 


8 Ceorgetown College 


15 Emory and Henry College 


22 Bridgewater College 


29 Mars Hill College 


5 Open 

12 Carson-Newman College 




Alma Mater 4 

Alpha Sigma 80 

Attendance 30 

Automobiles 28 

Barnwarming 8 

Care of Rooms 1 3 

Chi Beta 80 

Christian Education Club 81 

Clubs 82 

Dancing 26 

Dating 25 

Debate 87 

Demerits 29 

Dining Hall 24 

Dormitory Life 12 

Dramatics 87 

Elections Committee 41 

Electric Current 1 3 

February Meetings 1 

Football Schedule 90 

Fred Hope Fund 1 

Homecoming 8 

Honor Dormitory 71 

Honorary Fraternities 78 

Infirmary 14 

Initiations 27 

Intramurals 89 

Ironing 14 

Junior Privileges 68 

Kappa Phi 80 

Knoxville, Trips to 54, 68 





Men's Dormitories . . 

Men's Student Cooperative 

Music Croups 

Parish Project 

Penalties 56, 

Pre-ministerial Association 


Scheduling Activities 

Senior Privileges 

Smoking . 

Social Life 


Student Body Constitution 
Student Council 

Student-Faculty Senate 
Student Volunteers __ 

Study Hours . 

Sunday Dating . 

Theta Epsilon 

Town Night 50, 


Women's Student Government Assoiation 
Who's Who 

Women's Residence Halls 

W. S. C. A. Sign-Out Plan 

Y. M. C. A. 

Y. W. C. A.